The Complete Product Hunt Launch Checklist


The Product Hunt Checklist features 80+ actionable tips from expert entrepreneurs to implement into your upcoming launch. Each tip highlights the way it can lead you to a successful launch in a few sentences and real-life examples 🚀

The tips are categorized into four (4) time periods:

  • 1 month before the launch

  • 1 week before the launch

  • 1 day before the launch

  • Launch day

You can easily prioritize tasks because each tip is categorized by its impact and effort (according to the Eisenhower method). Then, you can focus on low effort tasks that bring a high user value.

🚨 Bonus: All the useful resources/tools that help me plan and execute launches leanly 🚨


“Jim’s checklist is the most practical guide I’ve ever seen. Definitely, a must-have.”

– Nero, Creator of

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